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I am An, an abbreviation of Andreana and Sammy is my eldest daughter and middle child with her having an older brother and a younger sister.  
They are all a lot bigger than this now.

Back in the 1970's when Sammy was born I was 20, it's actually a myth that only older women have babies with Down's syndrome, in fact although there is a higher chance of giving birth to a baby with the condition as you get older most babies with Down's syndrome are born
to younger women as more younger women have babies.  Not that I knew any of this at that time and it's fair to say that I knew absolutely nothing about the condition and everything I was told following her diagnoses was negative and rather scary.  She was my baby girl though and was coming home with me regardless of what the future held.   

Life with Sammy really has been a voyage of discovery especially as no one prepared me for the joy that she would bring to my life over the years or let me know what an incredible teacher she would become.  It wouldn't be right though to say that everything has been plain sailing as life has brought plenty of challenges and battles our way, but we're overcomers and keep going with a lot of love, laughter, family, fellowship, our own brand of craziness and a faith that God will always be watching out for us.

These days it is just me and Sammy living at home in a village in semi-rural Norfolk in the East of England where we are lucky enough to be within easy reach of both the countryside and beautiful beaches.  I love living near the sea and the beach is my happy place, the place I go when I need to mull things over or I just need some time out and need to feel at peace.  Being surrounded by beautiful, if mainly flat, countryside is great too especially as Sammy gets to spend time working on a local care farm.  Although Sammy has lived away from home it is her choice to live here now and it works well for both of us especially with both her brother and sister live fairly close by.  With Sammy choosing to live at home I have to admit though that my retirement years are not as I used to think they would be but that's okay and although at times we both need our own space all in all we make a pretty good team and enjoy a full and active everyday sort of life as we enjoy the privilege of getting to grow older together.

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